8 Powerful Pieces Of Wisdom I’ve Learned About Life, Love, Money, And Acting in 40 Years.

Shaun Grant
5 min readSep 4, 2022
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So I am very excited to be creating another message celebrating my life as my birthday edges closer in the next couple of hours. What I’ve decided to do is share truth on what I feel, I am not only an expert on, but a Divine expert on.

Throughout the course of my 40 years, I have thrived numerous times in life, love, acting, and money. The key, you might ask, trusting the relationship you have with the God within and listening to the love and guidance it is always willing to share with you.

So to celebrate 40 years, I’m going to give you wisdom you can take with you at any age, anywhere, at any time. Let’s dive in!

  1. Life Lesson #1: The Most Important Relationship You Will Ever Have Is The Relationship With Yourself. In all honesty, you have to love yourself the most, believe in yourself the most, treat yourself the best, and listen to what you have to say to you.

You are a Divine being made in the image in likeness of God that possesses a blueprint in the form of intuition that is ready to guide you through life at this moment.

You only have to ask, and build a kind loving relationship with yourself. Right now at this moment, forgive yourself for any hardships, and fall in love with you over and over again. Life will reflect that love back to you in the most wonderful ways.

2. Love Lesson #1: Always Communicate What’s On Your Heart With Your Partner. This is the most simplistic, ingenious, yet difficult for a lot of folks to implement and understand. But boy, is it powerful and, more importantly, it brings you closer together with your partner or friend.

If love is the wire, communication is the outer coating that supports it and allows it to remain strong and sustainable. Do whatever possible to make your partner/friend feel safe enough to speak what’s on their heart at any time.

3. Money Lesson #1: You Naturally Manifest Money When You Get Out Of Your Own Way. It’s true! Each and everyone of us is a dynamic money manifesting…

Shaun Grant

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