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Belief is, hands down, one of the most powerful factors at work within our lives. When we put all of our faith in that belief, it literally shapes our world. The following is a story about the power of belief and how it can transform your life in whatever way you decide.

Sam was just an ordinary kid from a rural midwestern town of Sandusky, Ohio, who spent most of his days inundated in some imaginary activity.

To most, Sam was a loner who mostly enjoyed time to himself, as well as the opportunity to commune with his imaginary friends. Even in school, he didn’t have many friends, but that never seemed to bother him much.

Sam would be an amazing example of what it means to completely be accepting of yourself regardless of what the outside world thought of you. His strength, came in the power and surety of his individuality.

For an 11 year old, this was a remarkable feat.

Often times, we change ourselves strictly because of what others desire us to be. We often wake up one day and discover that we’re living someone else’s life.

Sam knew that this type of life was not for him. He was often teased for doing the exact opposite of what the other kids would do. His mother, Janice, was often called, by his school’s principal, to be told the same old story about her son.

“ He’s just not like the other kids.”

“Sam’s having trouble fitting in.”

“Maybe you should have a talk with him?”

Often frustrated, Janice knew her son was not like the other kids. She also had a rough experience growing up in a house where her mother would always force her to be something she wasn’t.

With this always looming in her conscious mind, Janice actually admired Sam for his courage and strength to be himself.

As they were driving home that day from school, Janice thought carefully about how she would approach the situation.

“Hi, Honey! How was school?..” Sam replied, “Oh you know how it is Mama…Same old same old. I spend most of the time by myself…Doing what I love to do most!”

“And what’s that?” Janice responds with a perplexed look. “ Well…Easy mama, being my best self living my…



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