Dear Reader,

Shaun Grant
2 min readFeb 28, 2021
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You have a voice that needs expression. You have a voice that was meant to communicate to the world your deepest and sincerest feelings.

You may have been hindered and impeded at times when it came time to let the world hear your heart speak its truth, but now is the time to free that literature of the soul and allow it to pour into the beings of others.

Your strength is in your words, and within those words are life. Life that ignites passion, life that inspires love, life that lets us all know and be aware that we possess a gift that is meant to be shared.

Dear reader, I need to hear your voice. I need to hear your heart sing through your writing.

Not just I, but the world. What is your truth reader? What have you held back that needs to be revealed? What have you kept in that holds the key to transformation within you or someone else.

Dear reader, I believe in you. I believe in your gift, which is your power. Your power is greater than you might even know at the moment. Truth be told, someone needs you reader. Someone is depending on you. Someone is depending upon you to have the courage to authentically be yourself. Yes, you!

Free from outside approval, free from outside acceptance, free from anything but the Divine conviction you have had ever since you emanated as a soul.

Believe in yourself reader, have faith in yourself reader, because all that you would ever require lies within you. What is your dream reader? No matter how big or small you think it may be, it is needed, and needed on a universal level.

There is something magnificent that you can do that no one else can do. What is it reader?

What brings you joy? What lights you up? What makes you feel on top of the world? Reader, I need you to discover that, embrace it, and release it out into the world. Dear reader, that is all I have to say. But I say all of it with the utmost of love because dear reader, there is one thing you should know and never forget.

I am you Reader, as you are me. We are connected and unified by one benevolent, loving, kind Source of truth. It does not matter the name, all that matters is the presence. Dear Reader, its presence is with you, just as it is with me. One into the billions and the billions into One. I honor you Dear Reader, for all that you are and all that you came to this world to be.

I look forward to you expressing yourself with love, joy, and authenticity. Thank you Dear Reader, whoever you may be.


Rev. Shaun Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way.”



Shaun Grant

Shaun Grant is a dynamic entreperformer that is a recognized authority in personal performance & transformation. Consciousness in all areas is what he lives for