Discovering The “Abundance-Building” Power Of Gratitude.

Shaun Grant
3 min readAug 17, 2022
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If you’re not aware of the dynamic, Divine, universal power that lies within gratitude, now is the time. For the sake of my God-given purpose and calling, in this article, I will focus on how the power of gratitude accentuates all things money and financial abundance. But, make no mistake about it….

Gratitude will take any area of life from the ground up, and exponentially expand it in the most loving profitable way.

For a time in my life, I just couldn’t figure out why I was having money issues or lacking abundance in a way that I needed it the most. I meditated, I never used any negativity, I was an avid giver, yet, I still found myself struggling at times.

Now, before I journey into why I was experiencing the issues that I was, I’d like to share with you a truth about the modern day world we live in. The world we see in advertising on streets, television, and across the internet is programmed with every possible form of lack you can think of. You might think well how is this the case? Easy! It is because….

Every advertisement is created to lead you to believe that you are lacking something in some form or fashion.

It’s true. As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this article, I am listening to music in the background on YouTube, and an insurance add pops up telling me why I am lacking the best provider for myself. Lol! The same goes with commercials. Each commercial is geared towards telling you what you do not have, and what you need right now.

And the most brilliant advertising will use pain-point psychology to drive their message right down into your subconscious mind. Nothing personal, just business right? Noooo!!

Let me inform you of how unfair this is to you, me and everyone else. When the idea of lack is thrown at us all day long, it affects our consciousness in a way tells us over and over again in flashing letters, “YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH, YOU ARE LACKING!!”

Soon, we are operating from that place of “not-enoughness” and it influences every aspect of our lives, most…

Shaun Grant

Shaun Grant is a dynamic entreperformer that is a recognized authority in personal performance & transformation. Consciousness in all areas is what he lives for