Embracing The Essence Of Loved Ones From Beyond The Grave.

Shaun Grant
4 min readSep 12, 2022
Photo Credit (Beyond The Grave)

I remember watching one of the Matrix movies and hearing Keanu Reeves’ character “Neo” say a quote that I would never forget after hearing it almost twenty plus years ago…

“Nothing ever dies, it’s only transformed.”

It touched my heart in the most wonderful way possible. Why? Because it was at that moment I realized this wasn’t just things, but people as well. Every loved one that has passed on, has not died yet transformed into a spiritual energy of love, waiting to embraced by the living.

The truth is, it’s up to us to be open to doing so. To not be fearful, but to be courageous in confirming the reality that life does exists, and thrive beyond the grave. We all can began to experience this when we believe it is possible with everything that we got. Once we do, inevitably our loved ones will always reach out to us.

Whether it be in our thoughts, feelings, dreams, through things, or through other people, they will always come through because of the love they have for us, and because of the love God has for us.

Love is the bridge that gaps the separation of being together with anyone in your life who has transitioned.



Shaun Grant

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