Inside The Money Cure: A Free Chapter Created To Help You Discover Abundance.

Shaun Grant
4 min readSep 6, 2022
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My life has been predicated upon giving of anything that I have of value to help others. Let me tell you, it is one of the most exciting things I find I always experience. So when I finished writing and publishing my book, The Money Cure: Healing Your Relationship To Money And Discovering Your True Path To Abundance

I wanted to share a chapter so people could get an inside track to my spiritual, emotional, and mental journey to financial freedom and financial independence. Below is a chapter that holds life-transforming wisdom around the concept of money. Enjoy my friends!

“This is yours to have, yours to enjoy. Share it with those you love, and choose to do good in the world with it. Money is not evil. It is an expression of love and kindness. There is no limit to the amount that you can manifest, but you must be in a state of peace to do so.”

The Money Cure: Healing Your Relationship To Money And Discovering The True Path To Abundance is a book about a journey that has taken me almost 40 years to figure out the true purpose of money in this life.

Through struggles, triumphs, happiness, and tears, I have had the great pleasure of learning the Divine truth about money. I’ve expanded it into thirteen different secrets that were revealed to me during a morning visualization I did for thirteen days straight.

Each morning in my meditation I walked into a white house with red doors in the middle of the desert to find one secret after another. Right above the door read,


Each time I entered I would pick up a black book with gold letters and trimming that offered me an insight into money. The growth and expansion during this time was absolutely tremendous. It transformed me in many ways I never thought possible. I became filled with excitement each morning to discover what truth would be shared next.

The day I received the twelfth message, There was another offering that asked if I would accept the permission to write this book to enable humanity to discover the real, Divine truth about money. Without hesitation, I agreed and here I am. As you read this book, I only ask that you open your…

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