Money Manifesting Tip #1

Shaun Grant
3 min readDec 1, 2022
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As I learn to grow more and more about myself and about my life, I’ve come to the understanding that a little can offer a lot when done in a capacity filled with loving intention and value.

In the past, I would stifle myself thinking that I had to write an article with a thousand money manifestation tips, only to fail at that attempt to satisfy my ego’s need for more. So today, I offer you something, from the heart that might be small in size, but large in effectiveness.

A tip that empowers the money manifestation of your heart’s desires to be as clear as you’ve seen it in your own dreams. Let’s dive in.

Money Manifesting Tip #1:

When you let go of all resistance around money, it will manifest with extreme quickness and ease.

Whenever we are discussing resistance, what we are referring to is the “mental obstacles” that are present within our minds around money and it’s ability to manifest in our lives.

What I find most interesting is, we are mentally fed so many ideas of lack on a daily basis that letting go of resistance has to be something that is done as often as exercising.

Once I was able to uncover the awareness that enabled me to see how much resistance I had around money, I made it a priority to release all resistance around it, before bed, and when I would awaken each morning.

Although nothing occurred on a material level right away, from an energetic standpoint, a number of things started happening within my mind and body. Things like constant hiccups, bones cracking, (not breaking) lightness of mind, pain that was present for a time finally being alleviated from my energy field etc.

These are all signs that there is movement within the space of the subconscious mind. The vast intelligence that controls 95% of all that we do in life.

Only after a few days of doing this practice, I noticed money began to manifest in ways it never could beforehand. Not only that, other things and opportunities started to come forth at lightning speed. I would call it amazing, but it does not even…

Shaun Grant

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