Money Manifesting Tip #4: Money Is Magnetized By The Feeling Of Security!

Shaun Grant
3 min readJun 24, 2023
PHOTO CREDIT (Rev. Shaun Robert Grant)

As I learn to grow more and more about myself and about my life, I’ve come to the understanding that a little can offer a lot when done in a capacity filled with loving intention and value.

In the past, I would stifle myself thinking that I had to write an article with a thousand money manifestation tips, only to fail at that attempt to satisfy my ego’s need for more. So today, I offer you something, from the heart that might be small in size, but large in effectiveness.

A tip that empowers the money manifestation of your heart’s desires to be as clear as you’ve seen it in your own dreams. Let’s dive in.

Money Manifesting Tip #4: Money is magnetized by a feeling, or consciousness, of security.

I usually dedicate a few sessions a week of meditation to the concept of money. These are usually any blockages or obstacles I may experience, creative ways to manifest more, or creative ideas to help those willing to listen to what inner guidance has to offer. Today, I was blessed as well as fortunate to receive the above money manifesting tip.

My first reaction was, “That seems really simple!” But, within a split second I realized that although simple in principle, in…



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