The Actor’s Self-Worth: A Journey To The Career You Deserve.

Shaun Grant
3 min readSep 3, 2022
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I can honestly say I love how wonderful and ingenious the Universe is. The way it has been Divinely set up to serve every human being in a way that is conducive to each of us living our very best life, is truly magical. One of the greatest examples of this is shown as we discover our own self-worth and value as a performer.

As an actor/performer, I didn’t always have the most self-confidence or self-worth when I started my career. But after experiencing some inspiring universal lessons, I can happily say, nothing or no one outside of me can determine or establish my self-worth as an actor, only I have the power to do so.

The only way that power can be taken away is if I, or you, in this case decide to give it away. To avoid this is to operate in an unstoppable capacity. You have it within you!

This topic has actually motivated me to write a book on the very topic. Reason being is, I often see to many actors/actresses attempting to be validated by anyone or anything other than themselves. There’s a distinct reason for this:

We have been taught or led to believe that an agent, casting director, producer or director’s opinion of us matters more than what we feel about ourselves.

This couldn’t be further from the truth in every sense. What matters is how we feel about ourselves. In 2019, I booked a total of zero jobs after a number of auditions. Then, I didn’t book another acting job until September 2020.

Honestly, I went two years and two months without any acting jobs. Now, this is a true test of self-worth because the very thing you measure yourself from a success standpoint as an actor, is non-existent. But one thing I developed in spades within myself, after experiences like Hurricane Katrina, was resiliency and mental toughness.

The funny thing was that a number of people thought that I had given it up, and thrown in the towel. My response was not at all. Everyday I woke up, I looked in the mirror and told myself a truth that would revolutionize my mindset, self-belief, and self worth.

“I validate myself as the most successful…

Shaun Grant

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