Tip #1: Manifesting With Ease

Shaun Grant
2 min readNov 4, 2022
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As I learn to grow more and more about myself and about my life, I’ve come to the understanding that a little can offer a lot when done in a capacity filled with loving intention and value.

In the past, I would stifle myself thinking that I had to write an article with a thousand manifestation tips, only to fail at that attempt to satisfy my ego’s need for more. So today, I offer you something, from the heart that might be small in size, but large in effectiveness. A tip that empowers the manifestation of your heart’s desires to be as clear as you’ve seen it in your own dreams. Let’s dive in.

Manifesting With Ease Tip #1:

Being in a state of balance will balance your vibration, and create a clear path for you to receive what you desire.

What is balance? Balance is when you are experiencing equanimity in all parts, mind, body, and soul. The Universe is so infinitely intelligent that it knows when you are even a small percentage out of balance.

One of the Universe’s primary objective, as stated in my book, is incessant balance in all living things. In understanding that this concept is at work every moment of existence, we can be fully aware that when we get out of balance, the universe is always leading us back to balance.

Sometimes through intuitive nudges, conversation, insightful thoughts, etc. Anything can be moved to return you to a state of balance.

So how does this contribute to manifestation? When you’re in balance all of your energy is free of resistance, and you are open and receptive to the very best that is available for you. It’s easy, yet remarkable. This all goes on inside of us, and what’s inside of us manifests in our reality.

How do we restore balance? Here’s a few tips you can do right now.

  • Deep Breathing
  • Taking A Walk
  • Laying In The Grass
  • Meditation
  • Dancing
  • Screaming
  • Humming/Chanting/Singing
  • Exercise
  • Napping
  • Being Creative

This is just a few of the ways that can restore the balance within yourself. The most important aspect in restoring balance is just paying attention to how you feel. That will allow you to know when you’re in or out of balance.

When you’re in balance, you will manifest what you desire with ease and effortlessness.

Kindest Regards,

Rev. Shaun Robert Grant

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