Tribute To Jesuit High

Shaun Grant
4 min readDec 12, 2018

It’s been a little over twenty years since I’ve graced the halls of Jesuit High School in New Orleans. Lots of things have changed, but some never will.

I write this amidst the controversy that just broke in regards to the sexual misconduct within the religious order. But as I continue, I would like you to know something extremely important:

  • Jesuit High is more than a religious entity for young men to attend.
  • Jesuit High is more than it’s reputation around the city and country.
  • Jesuit High is more than just an education.
  • Jesuit High is more than just a school.

Jesuit High is an educational imprint that transforms the lives of young men, enabling them to see the very best of themselves within society.

Now, I’ll be completely honest with you. I didn’t realize this to such a high degree while I was there. It was only years after I had graduated did I understand the magnitude of which this opportunity, to be a part of the blue jay faithful, had given me.

One of the greatest concepts that stand out to me is the bortherhood. When I think of my closest friends and classmates, I still see them as my brothers who walked the same halls that I did, experienced the same triumphs and experienced the same failures. Yet, we found a way to always come out victorious.

I often think about our educators who were hard on us, yet caring, in a way that would exemplify only the very best that we could put forth.

Men like Henry Washington, Matt Grau, Kevin Avin and Robert Toomer were some of the greatest reasons why I never gave up on myself.

Even though it was difficult, and I wanted to leave, so bad at times, I made it through. Because each time that I re-committed, I discovered something deeper within myself.

It took me until I was thirty years old to comprehend that thing. That thing was purpose!

I now define purpose as something that allows you to know, innately, that you’re in a place for a reason and you are working towards something far greater than you could consciously grasp.

Shaun Grant

Shaun Grant is a dynamic entreperformer that is a recognized authority in personal performance & transformation. Consciousness in all areas is what he lives for